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The Sorceress was intrigued by the device. Magic and technology. Several scratches, meaning that the boy had been in a lot of fights using this. Or it was old. He must be strong to be able to handle its weight.
"Interesting… Do you want to ask some questions about me, or do you want your future~?"


"Something about you huh? Okay then…well, can you do anything other than tell fortunes? There’s something about you I guess. You don’t seem like ‘just a fortune teller’ " Saito lowered his arm again, resting it in his lap, though it was still within reach if the Sorceress wanted to examine it further.

"Then again, all the ones I’ve seen are all; ‘Pay, and then gaze deeeEEEEEEply into the crystal ball..’ so I’m probably way off."

Frozen Bones & Bitter Souls


Sitting between the two interrogators, she felt that escape would be impossible without first answering their questions; otherwise, they would likely continue to pester her for the remainder of their ride.

Turning to the first, she replies coldly and precisely, “My skin is an altered version of an authentic human epidermis. Due to being tempered in the Boundary it has been rendered more durable without feeling counterfeit.” She then turns to the second. “My visor provides me with in depth information as to the identities and backgrounds of my allies, as well as tactical insight in battle; it provides a small window of predicting an enemy’s movement, warning of incoming strikes to blind spots, and damage levels in various parts of my body. Excuse me.”

She then got up and floated her way over to her appointed strategist, Shuyin, who was currently standing in front of a desk in the center of the cabin, studying a map of the surrounding area. “Enemy forces seem to be preoccupied primarily at the front entrance, where our largest force is gathered in a stalemate, and at the rear entrance guarding the bridge. This bridge serves as the only viable entrance to and from Akitsu A, and is their only supply route,” As she speaks of the situation, she marks each point of interest in the map. “Our main challenge in destroying this bridge is arriving safely on the other side. Our route after exiting the train is primarily across wide open areas, and is surveyed lightly but carefully by snipers and small encampments,” She puts small exes on known points of these outposts, with a small circle to indicate sniper outposts. They are generally within an acre or so of the encampments. “Have you any recommendations as to bypass these defenses?”

Shuyin glanced to the Murakumo unit floating up to him before he looked down at the map again. "You don’t need to explain the mission objective to me, I already know. And yes, I already have an idea in mind for exactly how we’ll get across. It’s beginning the plan without attracting much attention that will prove the most troublesome…"

Atsuro remained silent for a few moments, tapping his hand on his knee as both Lyuda and Theold returned to their seats semi-satisfied with the answers they got from the android. “…So, yeah, not psychic here. Mind telling us this plan?”

"We’re going to beat some Ikarugan forces and steal their uniforms. And I don’t think I need to say this, but I will anyway…no killing. Not only will I not condone it on this mission unless absolutely necessary, but they will certainly notice bullet holes or blood on the uniforms and out us easily. As for you, however..” Shuyin turned his attention to the Murakumo, staring at him behind a soulless visor. "It’s obvious enough that you won’t pass for one of them, it doesn’t even look like that bodysuit comes off…So, I propose we retrieve a cloak and cover your body, pass you off as a civilian, and simply march through to the bridge quietly. The safe zone on the other side should provide a decent alibi."

The plan seemed foolproof..in theory at least. But Theold had to play Devil’s Advocate. He had a good point to bring up after all, so the young blonde raised his hand and spoke up over the loud mechanical noise of the train. "Wait…if we’re marching through with a civilian, won’t they think it’s a bit odd that I’m carrying enough explosives to blow up the first floor of an NOL Branch? At best, they’ll take it off me to be used against our side. And at worst…"

Silence fell over the train then. The explosives were mission critical, but also a critical hindrance to the best plan they had, it seemed…

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