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[Closed RP W/ Blackgrimoire


"That is not the story I’ve heard." The Cupid poked her head out from behind the throne and stuck her tongue out at the young warrior. "The way I heard it, you not only molested several children, but you also attempted to kill a few of our residents, unprovoked might I add."

Ilias sighed and briefly shut her eyes, she was tired and just not in the mood to fight. "But the source of this story is hardly reliable, and if said source wasn’t an angel I wouldn’t even have bothered listening to it at all." She rubbed her temples, she could feel a headache coming on.


                                                              Oh that bitch was gonna burn

     “Ahem…! Uh, well, none of that happened, obviously, but I wouldn’t mind frying her wings and throwing her off the edge of this…Castle?” Now he was quietly raging instead, becoming less quiet as he approached the throne and his arm was slowly blazing hotter and hotter.

     “Honestly, how the hell did you even buy that crap in the first place? Such bullshit! If you don’t string her up—banish her—hell fucking ground her then I’ll do something instead! She tried to shoot me with some weird heart shaped arrows, out of nowhere!” It was a wonder he was holding himself back from smashing through her throne at all, instead of doing so, he merely stood at the top of the stairs right in front of Ilias and keeping an eye on the back part of her throne to ensure the Cupid didn’t sneak off somewhere. He wanted justice!

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—— ▪❚⋮「♅」; "Well, this is just amazing. I’m pretty damn sure I"m sick. It feels like I swallowed a handful of nails. Ugh."

     “Well, I’m not really sure how machine..people? handle it, but if you being sick is the same as a human then shouldn’t you take some medicine and get some rest? Unless medicine is bad for your body unlike humans..Hm…” The boy placed a hand under his chin and seemed lost in thought, clearly he wasn’t really used to the whole dealing with living-ships thing.

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sekaigakasanaru sent:

Makoto rushes up to the redhead. "Gosh, I almost forgot! I owe you a kiss, don't I? Er... gray face stuff and all, you know the drill." With that hurried explanation, she bent down and showered smooches all over his cute shouta face.




"Whoa—" He couldn’t help but step back by reflex when he saw the Beastkin running straight for him, tilting his head afterward. "Huh..? Wait what?! A-A kiss?! Those damn greyfaces aga—" Then the kisses rained down and after a brief squeak of nervousness he just kept both his eyes and mouth shut…for a while at least. Eventually he backed up and out of range of her teasing bombardment. "G-Geez didn’t you say a kiss?! Not a dozen?! Ngh..”



"The fact that you don’t know means you really are a kid. C’mon, can’t you think of something? Tell you what, if you can come up with something on your own… I’ll never, ever, ever call you a little kid again. Cross my heart!" Makoto was 97 percent sure he wouldn’t do much of anything but look ever cuter. The poor guy.

"Shi—Fine! Fine fine fine I’ll think of…something!" Shit, okay, what would a grown man do without turning this into cheap hentai …wait, no, he couldn’t do that could he? It was probably the only way…

He was probably going to regret it…

Then again, he would regret NOT doing when he was being endlessly teased five minutes from now…

After those few moments of consideration, Saito’s gaze finally locked upon Makoto’s with a surprising look of determination before he stepped forward quickly—grabbing both her shoulders to bring her down a bit…Then sweeping her legs out from under her! He still held her upper body of course, with both arms now wrapped around her so she was merely leaning quite a ways back, his eyes locked upon hers without losing that determined look.


Though…In reality, fireworks were going off inside his head.

Then, he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, eyes shut and held it for quite a while…Though it was a rather innocent kiss rather than a passionate one. Breaking the kiss afterward, he looked away again, still having both arms wrapped around Makoto to keep her from hitting the ground. “…Don’t punch me.”

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      ☢—;;   Just squints at all of you.

       “Did those glasses stop working for you all of a sudden?”

      “Woops, I missed a lot today—-Huh, most of it is about Makoto…”

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